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Young Drivers Insurance

The term ‘young driver’ refers to broad range of ages. Typically, any driver between the ages of 17 and 24 will be classed by their insurer as a young driver, and their car insurance premium will reflect this.

However, there are a number of insurers who classify 25-year olds and even 26-year olds as young drivers, and almost all sensibly make some differentiation within the total age range – a 17 year old is clearly of a different mindset to a 25 year old, and their car insurance premium should reflect this.

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Facts about Young Drivers

Teenagers, as a whole, are a problematic age-range to get car insurance for. There is a simple statistical reason for this: 1 in 5 British drivers are involved in some kind of car accident, whether it is damage to their own car, another person’s car or external property, during their first year on the road. Statistics have also shown that young teenage males are the most accident-prone of all drivers.

However, there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel for young and sensible male drivers, who bemoan the high cost of car insurance: the EU is shortly to enact legislation that outlaws insurers from discriminating by price against male drivers, so car insurance premiums for teenagers will short have no reflection of their gender.

How to get cheap car insurance

To further reduce their car insurance premium, teenagers should consider having a black box installed in their car, if they are only using it at times when accidents are statistically less likely to occur – this will help reduced car insurance premiums.

It might also make sense to add a ‘Named Driver’ to your policy, if you have a parent with a strong record of no-claims car insurance; but remember, you need to be honest with the insurer as who is the primary user of the vehicle, otherwise you are potentially liable for fraud charges.

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