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Whiplash Compensation Claims

Road traffic accidents (RTA) are common in the UK, and we have to accept the fact that one day in our lives we will experience some sort of a personal injury as a cause of a RTA. The percentage of car users being injured in road accidents has risen. Pedal cyclists and motorcycle accidents constitute 5 to 20%. The Road safety measures are very well implemented in the UK than other EU countries. The UK road traffic accident rate is considerably lower than the accident rates of other countries like US, Australia and Japan.

Can I Claim?

If you have suffered an injury in an accident, however major or minor your injuries, then you should consider the possibility of making a claim in law. Basically if someone (or something) else was, at least in part, responsible for your injury then you have a possible personal injury claim. If you have a possible claim for compensation then you will need to speak with a solicitor.

It doesn’t matter if you are a driver, passenger, or a pedestrian. If you were involved in a road accident in the past 3 years, you can claim as long as it was not your fault. The solicitor will help you get compensation for whiplash injuries, broken limbs, head injuries and other injuries received during an accident.

Whiplash claims

Even seemingly insignificant road traffic accidents can give rise to a difficult, troublesome and potentially long-lasting medical condition that is commonly known as “whiplash“. Unfortunately, whiplash injuries are quite common in car accidents and motorcycle accidents, most notably in cases where one vehicle collides with the rear of another. This can cause the occupants’ heads to be thrown forcefully back and then forwards, causing damage to the muscles and soft tissues.

Typically affecting the muscles and bones of the neck and shoulders, whiplash can take days, weeks and sometimes months to fully present itself following an accident on the roads. This potentially painful and incapacitating medical complaint will often arise in the occupants of vehicles that have been shunted from behind, although the exact science behind the injury is complex and sometimes unpredictable.

Symptoms of a Whiplash Injury

Generally this type of injury causes varying degrees of pain, stiffness and restricted mobility to the neck, back and shoulders. Other related symptoms include: Headaches, Tingling sensations (‘pins and needles’) or numbness to the arms and hands, Muscle spasms, Lower back pain, Dizziness, Swelling and tenderness of the neck, Sleep disturbance and fatigue.

The symptoms of a whiplash injury do not always become apparent immediately after an accident, it may take several hours, or in some cases full days, for them to develop.

Whiplash is fast becoming an epidemic in the UK. In 2007 432,000 people claimed for whiplash and it accounts for three quarters of all motor accident claims. These statistics contradict the Governments own statistics that “slight” injuries from road traffic accidents are falling. This is mainly because the Government statistics only take into account accidents which are reported to the police and whiplash often goes unreported.

Whiplash Compensation Claims

Whiplash Compensation Claims can be a very easy and no-nonsense procedure, especially if you are certain that the events leading you to make a claim have not been your fault and you have been the victim of someone else’s carelessness or negligence. However, it is always beneficial to make that claim as soon as you possibly can, as a number of things, over time, can make claiming for whiplash rather more difficult. You may find it impossible to contact the person who has caused you injury, or the events as they happened may become less clear in your head; all of these things will make a case weaker.

According to recent survey results, the number of UK citizens being successful in making whiplash injury compensation claims has risen. This has happened in the past two years and shows that whiplash victims are becoming more aware of how to make whiplash injury compensation claims and the benefits that come out of doing this. It is worth pointing out that most of these claims were made by innocent victims who suffered a whiplash injury through nobody’s fault but other people’s bad driving on the roads.

Whiplash solicitors

Of course, just because whiplash cannot always be diagnosed immediately or proved with the naked eye does not mean that it is any less real or damaging to the people it affects. More to the point, none of these factors ought to preclude an injured party from receiving appropriate medical treatment and compensation. In fact, the law governing whiplash compensation is much the same as any tortious claim affecting personal injury and negligence. If you suspect that you are suffering from whiplash, fully qualified lawyers (whiplash solicitors) can help you in your pursuit of justice and claim for damages.

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