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Car Insurance

Don’t leave your house without any Car Insurance. These articles will help you make the right choices when it comes to auto insurance!

European Breakdown cover “A must have” during holidays?

Today’s bad weather made me realize that sadly, summer is ending. I had a great time this year by traveling all the way to Spain in my family car. Had no problems on the road but have to say Vehicle breakdowns can be very stressful as they appear when you’re least expecting. From my previous experiences this time I had ...

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Making a driving accident claim

Every year the roads in the UK and Europe are the scene of a great many driving accidents, for all manner or reasons, most of which can be attributed in some degree to human error. What this means for motorists is that, even if you make every possible effort to driver responsibly – including following speed limits, maintaining concentration and ...

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What are the cheapest cars to insure?

With insurance prices set to rise for women as of the 21st December thanks to a ruling by the European Court of Justice, it’s more important than ever to shop around for cheaper car insurance. Make sure you check how the ruling has affected your premiums before you renew. You should always check as many sites as you can for ...

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Top tips on how to find the right car insurance for you

It is essential that anyone planning on taking a car out on the road gets the necessary insurance first – not least because this is a legal requirement. Nonetheless, at a time when most people have to tighten their belts you want to get the best deal you possibly can. These tips should help you to do that. Shop around ...

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Young Drivers Insurance

The term ‘young driver’ refers to broad range of ages. Typically, any driver between the ages of 17 and 24 will be classed by their insurer as a young driver, and their car insurance premium will reflect this. However, there are a number of insurers who classify 25-year olds and even 26-year olds as young drivers, and almost all sensibly ...

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