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Making a driving accident claim

Every year the roads in the UK and Europe are the scene of a great many driving accidents, for all manner or reasons, most of which can be attributed in some degree to human error.

Car accident

What this means for motorists is that, even if you make every possible effort to driver responsibly – including following speed limits, maintaining concentration and ensuring that your vehicle is fit for the roads – you may still find yourself involved in a driving accident as a result of another motorist who has behaved in a less responsible manner.

If this is the case you will likely be entitled to pursue a claim for compensation for any injuries to yourself, or damage to your vehicle, that have resulted from the accident – but how do you go about making a driving accident claim?

The first step is to contact one of the legal firms that specialise in these types of claims, like Express Solicitors, in order to find out whether or not you have a legitimate claim. Your legal representative should be able to establish whether or not you have real grounds for a claim and – if they are reputable – they will not offer to take on a claim unless there is a real chance of winning it.

In order to establish whether a claim is legitimate or not, and to subsequently prove it when it is heard, it will be necessary to secure information and records relating to the accident itself and the aftermath.

This will most likely include witness statements and photographs from the scene of the crash itself, which will help to corroborate your statement concerning the crash.

If you have sustained injuries as a result of it, it will be necessary to get copies of medical records, bills and x-rays to prove the extent of these, and the costs, when the claim is heard. If it is your vehicle that has sustained damage then the relevant information concerning repair bills, plus photographs of the original damage, will be useful in supporting a claim.


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