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European Breakdown cover “A must have” during holidays?

Today’s bad weather made me realize that sadly, summer is ending. I had a great time this year by traveling all the way to Spain in my family car. Had no problems on the road but have to say Vehicle breakdowns can be very stressful as they appear when you’re least expecting. From my previous experiences this time I had an European Breakdown cover to keep me out of troubles. I’ve saw lots of traffic jams down the way due to small accidents or car failures and not having your car insured abroad can easily turn your holiday into a nightmare! Getting in an accident while having your car fully loaded, not having an insurance outside your country or not knowing the local language are things that will get you stuck on the highway. And in the end, the costs could make your holiday even shorter!

Why ruin your vacation when you can easily purchase a European breakdown cover at a really low cost, keeping you happy and safe 24/7 ? I’m very happy since this came up as I had some serious problems during my trips to foreign countries in the past years. Imagine having your kids on the back seat repeating “Are we there yet?”, your car loaded with toys, clothes, dishes and other bulky things. That’s not all: now imagine having a flat tire or something worse in the middle of nowhere. How’s that for a vacation?

I also found out that some companies offer you even more: travel and winter sports insurance. Isn’t that great? You can cover for your tent in the event of theft or damage, missed motorail connection or an alternative driver if you’re medically unfit to drive.
Also, you can cover the vehicle or the person. Covering the vehicle means your car will be covered no matter who drives it and covering the person will insure you as a driver or passenger of any vehicle, and although it is typically more expensive than vehicle cover, will worth every penny if you drive or travel with more than one car.

I hope this article makes your next vacation as safe and careless mine was. 🙂

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