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Compensation for car accident injuries

Car crashes are a very common way in which people receive personal injuries. Every year, the worldwide figures for people suffering injury as a result of a car crash are approximately 50 million, with roughly 1.2 million of those proving to be fatal.

Compensation for car accident injuries

There are lots of different injuries that people can suffer as a result of car crashes, often depending on the type of crash it is that they are involved in, from minor injuries such as cuts and bruises or whiplash to serious head and/or bodily damage.

These are some of the most common forms of damage caused by different types of crashes.

Compensation for car accident injuries

head injury car compensation

Head, neck and spine injuries

These can be sustained in the most common type of car crash – head-on collisions – with whiplash being a frequent form of neck damage caused by this type of crash. However, the most serious forms of head, neck and spine damages are usually caused by crashes that cause the vehicle to overturn, crushing the roof.

This type of crash is often caused by road surfaces that are either in poor condition to begin with or made wet and slippery by wintry weather conditions.

Chest injuries

This type of personal injury is the most frequent cause of car crash fatalities, which led to the development of the front seat airbag in an attempt to cut down on the number of serious chest injuries.

In the course of a typical frontal collision car crash, the impact causes the victim to be thrown forwards violently, causing significant damage to areas such as the vital organs and ribs, when it hits the hard interior surfaces, such as the dashboard or steering wheel.

Damage can range from cracked or fractured ribs, to bruised organs and internal bleeding.

If you suffer damage in a crash that you were not responsible for, you may be entitled to claim compensation for car accident injuries you have sustained and you should contact a legal firm specialising in this form of claim

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