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Compare the Market car insurance

Advertising is not what it once was. Consumers today are more informed and more aware, more difficult to satisfy and less loyal to brands. Sure it’s not moral to implant artificial needs which require mental and financial efforts. Luckily for those who rebel against this kind of manipulation, such advertising is fast approaching an end and marketing specialists know that.

The rise of consumer awareness. In 2002, marketing specialists Sue Haynes, Clive Nancarrow and Andy Baker signaled the rise of savvy consumer type. In few words, he is informed, sophisticated, powerful and has an ironic or playful approach to advertising, because he knows many of the backstage elements of marketing and advertising. For now is a minority, but he is able to determine the removal of traditional marketing strategies.

However, the trend is clear. Advertising is not what it once was. Only 18% of traditional advertising on TV making profit, because only 14% of consumers still believe in advertising (Larry Webber). Where are we going then? For advertising based on personal recommendations for that 90% of consumers trust friends’ recommendations (Nielsen Global). Consumers are changing, and with them changes and marketing strategies. It was time for advertising to reap a part of what has sown.

Keeping a close eye on your finances has never been a bad idea. At the moment it seems more important than ever, given the uncertainty in the economy. You must first compare the market car insurance to find the best deals available. To help you see like-for-like quotations, online comparisons can be a great tool.

Many people already understand that when your policy comes up for renewal the smart move is often to compare the car insurance market. This way you can see what other offers are around. It’s also worth bearing in mind that each product will have slightly different terms and conditions, alongside the price on offer. For example, no claims bonuses don’t always offer the same reduction on next years quote and you could also look for aspects like named driver benefits and multi-car discounts. Although extras can be beneficial – it’s sometimes better not to pay for fancy add-ons if they don’t match what you’re looking for. Do consider all the benefits that comprehensive car insurance can offer you – the features of the policy should be taken into consideration as well as price.

Be a savvy consumer and Compare the Market car insurance to see all the options available to you.

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