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Car Accident – Insurance Claim Help

There are 31 million cars in the UK, and this figure is growing every year, with 71% of the population having driving licence – more than ever before.  With the popularity of cars growing, people are putting themselves in danger when they get behind the wheel.

Over 290,000 injuries are caused by car accidents every year in the UK, the main cause being human error, which accounts for 95% of road accidents. We all consider ourselves great drivers. Still, sometimes the driver behind us provokes accidents that could not be avoided by even the most experienced drivers.

Many people use a compensation calculator to find out how much they may be awarded in case of a car accident, yet the final result can be quite different. This is because each case needs to be treated on its own merits, but this does not mean the calculator should not be used as a guide.

Using a compensation calculator is a great way of getting an initial understanding of how much compensation you may be entitled to, but it is important to remember that there are basic laws on claiming that determine whether or not you may be awarded a payout. The law states that any injury sustained in an accident or incident that can be determined to have been the result of another party’s negligence is open to a claim for compensation; this could be an individual, a professional or an organization acting negligently. The problem lies in proving negligence, and this is where the many specialized solicitors operating in the field come into play.

Whether you are making a car accident compensation claim or something else the law is the same, and the compensation calculator will give you a figure based upon the general area of the payouts that have been achieved by your particular sort of injury.

Take whiplash (this is a non-medical term describing a range of injuries to the neck caused by a sudden acceleration of the head that may lead to tearing of muscles, ligaments or other soft-tissues), a common injury in road accidents: caused by the spine being bent out of shape when subjected to forces that are not natural – i.e. a moving car hitting another object – whiplash can be either a serious and prolonged injury that may lead to loss of work for some time, or a simple injury that will fade in a short time. Only in the U.K. more than 430,000 people asked for whiplash compensation back in 2010, accounting for 14% of every driver’s premium. Therefore, whiplash is probably the most common injury associated with motor vehicle accidents as it stands out as one of the main injuries covered by the car insurers (75% of the UK’s motor insurance claims).

In either case you may be able to claim for compensation, but the outcome will be very different. The first step to making a claim is to contact a solicitor operating in the personal claims field; this is not expensive as you will be able to find one of many offering no win no fee solicitors. The next will be to fill in a personal injury claim form, and this can be done online in many cases in no time at all. From then on you will be in the hands of a professional who understands the nuances of the law, and given that you know the figure your compensation calculator has estimated you can hope that the expertise of your solicitor results in a better award that you had expected.

Hope all these advice on car accident claims will help you. If you want information about other car related issues, please contact us.

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