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Are all insurance companies the same?

Taking your time over things is always advisable. When it comes down to money this is the case even more so and you should not rush into anything that costs money as there is usually better value out there for you. Buying car insurance is definitely one if the situations in which taking your time and shopping around for the best deal is advisable and Hastings Direct online can provide you with so many great options.

Many people are not aware just how to do this. The answer though, is pretty simple. There are a few simple questions which you should ask the different insurance companies you talk to in order to make sure that you get the very best deal for your own personal situation. Here are some of the best questions to ask.

What is the schedule for no claims discounts?

This question is an extremely important one and one that can make a massive difference to the amount of money you will eventually pay at the end of your policy. In certain situations the cost of your policy can fall by up to 50% if you manage to get though it without making a claim. Check at which point you will not be able to save any more money through no claims bonus or discount and also have a look at what the insurance companies do if you make just one or two claims as many still offer you some bonus if you then your insurance remains unblemished for a certain amount of time.

Is there a maximum level at which you can no longer transfer over a previous no claims bonus?

If you have an unblemished insurance record and you wish to buy a new policy from a different company, many will allow you to transfer your discount over onto your new deal. Check how much that your new insurer will allow you to transfer over as it could eventually cost you a great
deal of money.

What other discounts are on offer?

Obviously you should try and save as much money as possible as long as you are getting a good policy at the same time so ask what other discounts you may be able to get on your policy. Things like having an approved alarm system and getting your home insurance from the same firm could save you a lot of money.

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