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Who will buy my car?

Did you ever happened to receive a very low price on the car you loved so much?sell old car london

Most of the times, we conclude that it is better to keep the old car for its sentimental value, as the opinions and offers made by all your possible clients are totally opposite compared to what you had in mind. There is still hope you know..

Here are some tips on How you can sell your car :

Let everybody know by posting your ad on a car site, give a notice to a newspaper or resort to authorized dealers.

Set the right price

To properly evaluate your car, you can use statistics from specialized sites, guides for used cars or simply analyze the prices for used cars in newspapers.

Some automotive fairs in England also offer assessment services. The estimated price depends on the vehicle condition, mileage, age, motorization, options, etc.

Do not forget though that you know your car best, and the price you are willing to sell for, should only be affected by “technical details” and not influenced by car addict feelings. In general, you will get more money if you sell your car by yourself than by contacting a second hand car dealer. Still, the chances of actually finding a client interested in buying your car will drop significantly. From our experience, we encourage you to contact


Do not forget to set a price slightly higher than the one you actually want. Everybody is searching for a bargain, and the only way you can provide this is by asking for a price bigger than what you had in mind.

If you want to sell your car for £9000 Quid, ask for 9800. Every time, any potential buyer will want to negotiate, so you can make him believe he got a great deal and both of you will end up happy.

This is another way that you can use to eliminate those false buyers from spending your time. If he is really interested, he will contact you to negotiate. That is what I did last time, and it worked like a charm!

Find your local sellers

Most of the times, you don`t have to go with your add nation wide. Have a quick look, for example, at sell my car london , and you will find lots of your neighbours, all gathered in a single place. Why travel to different cities to let others test your car when you can bring all your clients in the front of your house?

Wax it, clean it, polish it

You must take special care of your car just as you do when you go out looking for girls. Make sure you clean it as never before, wax and polish it and give it that fresh new look. If you feel yourself lucky, why not add even a `new car smell` fragrant pine. 🙂 That can`t go wrong..

Hope all these will help in selling your car. If you don`t have any luck, please contact us and we will recommend you some of the companies that really helped us in such cases.

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