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Used cars vs. new cars

The new 2012 number plates came out last month. This time of the year always sees a boost of new car sales because of this, but with the rise of used car sales induced by increased trust in the process is it more economic and in fact easier to buy second hand?

Used cars vs. new cars

Used cars vs. new cars

With the state of the economy in mind one would assume that this may be the case but what are the trends of British car buying since the economic down fall?

We first need to think of the concerns car buyers take into account before purchase. Fuel efficiency is always a concern as more fuel efficient cars and those with fewer emissions such as electric cars, are seeing less penalties on road tax and congestion charges.

A more efficient car is also better for running costs, another major factor in vehicle purchase. So the newer car, one would expect, the less costs in the long run.

Despite this, used car sales are still on the rise; it seems that the initial price of a car is still the biggest pull for buyers.

Smaller used cars for example, may be more efficient than larger newer ones thanks to the way they are run and insurance on a smaller engine will always be cheaper.

A good car history check by Auto Trader on a used car will let any buyer know just how much value they are getting for their money.

With the harsher restrictions being added to the big used car retailers, the buyer can be more confident in their purchase on these terms.

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