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Used Cars to Avoid

As a general rule, certain classes of used cars are more favourable for purchase as a used vehicle than others. Knowing what types of cars you might want to avoid can save you a lot of grief later as well as make your new to you car keep going for a long time after purchase. This does not mean you shouldn’t avoid purchasing any of the car classes within this article. If you have your heart set on one of these types of vehicles, simply go about your purchase with the utmost caution. Have a mechanic thoroughly inspect the vehicle before you buy it, or purchase from Motors, where all cars come with a full history check.

Cars used by the police, fleet cars and taxis will often appear on the used car market. These vehicles are very reasonably priced and as a general rule are well maintained. However, the thing to remember about these is that they have been driven for many hours at a time and usually have high mileage. Another point to remember is that they have not been driven by the people that owned them. Usually these vehicles should be avoided as they are simply worn out.

You might also ponder purchasing a used truck or even a commercial van. These vehicles typically haul heavy loads for long distances. As a result, the transmission and suspension get a lot of wear. Make sure you have these checked out by a mechanic before buying. Repairs to these areas can be quite costly.

Cars that have been modified should be approached with great scrutiny. Some cars have modified engines. These are typically done by the owner. A mechanic needs to inspect these vehicles to determine the condition of the engine as well as any effects the modification may have had on the overall condition of the car. Another used car you might find with modification is a sports car. They are often modified for racing. While they do super on the track, they do not perform well at lower speed in traffic. Also, they tend to wear out quicker since they have really been put to the test. The transmission has also seen some wear with such quick shifting of gears.

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