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Tracking down a used car at the right price

One of the biggest purchases we make is a car and although the majority of modern cars are reliable, it is always possible to end up with one that is a bad buy and will end up costing you considerably more money in the long term than you had bargained for. However, with just a little care, it is easy to avoid these expensive pitfalls.

Firstly, you should do some research to discover the kind of car that will suit your needs and be within your budget. You should also find the typical price being asked for the car of your choice. In today’s connected world this kind of research is quite easy if you use websites such as www.motors.co.uk.

Once you have found answer to the above questions the next task is finding the best car for you. You will have already located a number of possible buys, and now all you need to is to create a shortlist. You might find some cars that are offered at what seem to be bargain prices, for instance much less than the average asking price.

Although we all like to find a bargain, you should ask yourself very seriously why these cars are priced so cheaply. Perhaps they are in a very poor condition, perhaps they have no service history, perhaps the vendor is not entitled to sell the car (for instance it might be stolen or subject to a finance arrangement). It is important that you satisfy yourself that none of these apply before making an offer on the car.

You will also find that some cars appear to be overpriced. It could be that the high price ticket is justified due to the car being in a much better than average condition. It could be that the vendor is attempting to create this impression when the car is no better than an average example, or it could be that the vendor is simply overestimating the value of the car, so again be very careful before making an offer.

Generally the most fruitful place to look is at cars that are priced at more or less at the average price so make sure that your shortlist includes several of these.

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