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Qoros Set to Unveil Three Models at Geneva 2013

You’d be forgiven for not knowing who Qoros are, or where they come from. That’s because the Chinese company is only just five years old, the brand was only established in 2011, and has not yet put a car on sale. This is all about to change however, with the company ready to display three brand new cars at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

Qoros GQ3

Qoros GQ3

Qoros GQ3 debut at 2013 Geneva Motor Show

Qoros may not be a household name just yet, but ambitious directors believe that it won’t be long before the brand is well known in Europe at least. They expect to produce more than 150,000 cars over the next couple of years, but have the capability to up that figure to 450,000 if demand calls for it.

2014 will see the release of the first Qoros model; the ‘GQ3’. It’s a Golf and Focus rival, though a little larger – think Skoda Octavia. It’s been created with European buyers in mind, so it may not ever reach the US or even the UK, and is styled by former

The Chinese aren’t particularly fond of diesels, so there are no plans for such an engine in the line-up. There will be three petrols, ranging from 1.2 to 1.4. This doesn’t sound particularly impressive, but the top of the range hybrid powerplant will be a three cylinder that produces a very respectable 220bhp and a mighty 450Nm of torque. It’s also got a Saab-developed electric rear axle.

In addition to the GQ3, there will also be a Cross Hybrid Concept. This will be one of those fashionable new crossovers, being part ‘soft roader’ and part coupe. Critics are expecting this to be the most attractive and interesting of Quoros’ initial line.

Finally, there will be an Estate Concept, expected to be very similar to the 3. The only information for this model is that it will have 500 litres of boot space and 1400 when the seats are folded away.

Qoros certainly aren’t going to be Geneva’s main attraction, but many will be interested to see what they can do. Visit Exchange and Mart today to see other Chinese-developed cars such as the MG 6.

Qoros GQ3 Interior


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