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Automotive Guide

Tracking down a used car at the right price

One of the biggest purchases we make is a car and although the majority of modern cars are reliable, it is always possible to end up with one that is a bad buy and will end up costing you considerably more money in the long term than you had bargained for. However, with just a little care, it is easy ...

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Who will buy my car?

Did you ever happened to receive a very low price on the car you loved so much? Most of the times, we conclude that it is better to keep the old car for its sentimental value, as the opinions and offers made by all your possible clients are totally opposite compared to what you had in mind. There is still ...

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Used Cars to Avoid

As a general rule, certain classes of used cars are more favourable for purchase as a used vehicle than others. Knowing what types of cars you might want to avoid can save you a lot of grief later as well as make your new to you car keep going for a long time after purchase. This does not mean you ...

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Audi Cars – A Girls Guide!

At the risk of reinforcing old school stereotypes, when it comes to cars, girls do tend to be a little more interested in colour, interior and accessories, than engine, emissions and handling – with that in mind here’s our specially designed Audi guide for girls, with information on model preferences to suit mood, colour scheme and style. Soft furnishings – ...

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Get the best deal when you buy a car!

Nowadays, the average price of a brand-new car is around £9,000, that’s a hell of a lot of money. And, yes, some people prefer to shell out on a top of the range shiny motor. However, many people are turning to used-cars as a cheaper alternative. Used cars cost less than new ones, considerably less. That’s a fact. Always has ...

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