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McLaren F1 Clothing

For those fans of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula One racing team, there is a wide array of McLaren clothes available at their shop. The McLaren racing team is allowing fans to pre-order their 2012 line of F1 clothing. There are several choices in regards to menswear from McLaren.

Vodafone Mclaren

Vodafone Mclaren Formula 1

This season’s clothing line features shirts in white and black. A white 2012 team shirt can be purchased. With a mandarin collar, the t-shirt has red piping on the shoulder and grey side panels.

This is a replica of the shirt that will be worn by both Jenson and Lewis during the 2012 F1 season.

The upcoming men’s line also includes a team sweatshirt. In black, the sweatshirt is made of fleece. This also features contracting black and silver. The sweatshirt also comes with the team’s logo embroidered on it.

Another item men can pre-order from McLaren is the Team’s 2012 waterproof jacket. Coloured in silver, this jacket is made from 100% polyester. IT also comes with a hood that is lined.

The jacket has the bright red shock cords as well as the McLaren tick on the back of the collar. These design elements are all expected from McLaren.

McLaren-Team Waterproof Jacket

McLaren-Team Waterproof Jacket 2012

The 2012 McLaren menswear also has headgear. There are three different ball caps that can be pre-ordered. One of these is the 2012 team cap representing the entire Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula One racing team. It comes predominantly in grey with red and white add-ons. The other two ball caps are specifically designed for each one of the driver’s.

One is embossed with Jenson Button’s signature while the other cap is embossed with Lewis Hamilton’s signature. Beside the signatures, the hats look identical and do come in bright red. A fourth hat can be pre-ordered from McLaren. This is actually a black beanie. It will be worn by the entire team including the drivers.

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