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Get the best deal when you buy a car!

Nowadays, the average price of a brand-new car is around £9,000, that’s a hell of a lot of money. And, yes, some people prefer to shell out on a top of the range shiny motor. However, many people are turning to used-cars as a cheaper alternative. Used cars cost less than new ones, considerably less. That’s a fact. Always has been. However, in recent years, the standard and quality of used-cars has risen incredibly, and now individuals who are looking for their next vehicle are picking up their dream cars in the classified ads, and online, and what’s more, they’re picking them up for half the price! As well as the actual car costing less, the insurance generally costs less as well and will probably fall the older the car is; a most unusual practice. Insurance dealers such as carole nash can give you more information.

It is now common knowledge that used cars depreciate less after purchase than new cars do, therefore why buy a brand new motor just to see it almost half in price within the first few years? It simply doesn’t make sense, and the future of vehicle buying is definitely turning to the second-hand market. A very appealing reason to buy second-hand is the negotiation process. Now, if you head down to your nearest showroom, you’ll be pressured by the nearest dealer within minutes, maybe even seconds.

Many people feel so pressured that they end up buying a car that they didn’t particularly want, and because showroom ‘executives’ work on a commission basis, they are less inclined to let you browse around, and are more likely to hover over you immediately. However, when buying second-hand, the pressure is off, and the seller – despite wanting to sell the car – will seldom exert any sort of pressure on a deal being made. If the car in question is in good condition and is available at a good price, a sale will be made eventually, therefore it makes little difference to the owner whether a deal is made or not.

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  1. I believe anything above 2 or 3 cars/ yr requires a dealers license. The dealers license is not difficult or expensive to get.

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