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Car buying trends 2012

If you’re a motorist, you’re probably feeling down about the spiralling cost of owning a car. Rising fuel prices, excessive tax and expensive insurance premiums are all problems that many car owners face, and when they need a new one, they wonder whether they can buy new or go for a used Ford from VCARS.co.uk.

2012 has surprisingly seen modest growth in the total number of cars sold, but the prevailing trend is for smaller, more economical models to be bought.

Among the bestselling new cars this year are the Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa, which top the list. Both cars have plenty to offer for motorists – they’re easy to drive, cheap to insure and tax, don’t use as much fuel and are every bit as functional as many larger models. Whether new or used, they’re popular among students, young workers and even small families. Hatchbacks are also among the best sellers this year.

The Ford Focus and ever-popular Volkswagen Golf are seen as viable family cars as they offer pretty much everything larger saloons and estates do in terms of equipment levels, safety and comfort. However, new cars are becoming increasingly hard for households struggling to pay the bills to purchase, which leaves them with two options – stick with their current model or look for used cars on sites like VCARS.co.uk.

The former option is something more and more motorists are taking up, having little choice but to stick with what they’ve already got. However, when needs must, more people are shopping around for the best deal, which in these times is the norm.

As for 2013, it’s likely that more economical cars are going to remain popular with those in the market for a new car, while electric and hybrid models could also see their popularity grow, especially with petrol becoming ever more costly.


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