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Is it Better to Buy or Lease a Car?

Recently, you’ve been seeing some pretty cool cars driving down your street, and you really want to have one of them. You’ve been saving up your money, and now, you’re certain you have enough to make a down payment on a car. Should you look into new car leasing available at Lease Cars, or should you finance a car? Answering some questions can help you to make a decision.

Why Leasing a Car is the Best Option

How Long Do I Want to Keep This Car?

The amount of time for which you have the car is one of the major differences between leasing a vehicle and financing one. When you are looking into Ford leasing available at Lease Cars or another type of leasing agreement, you would likely have to return the car within 36 months. In many cases, you can lease to buy, however. With a finance option, the car is yours for as long as you want, so you must decide which is best for you.

How Much Do I Drive on a Daily Basis?

When you go to the dealership to discuss your options, you should bring an estimate of how much you drive each day along with you. If you decide to sign up for a lease agreement, you are probably going to have a limit on the amount of miles you are going to drive for year. It’s usually a generous amount. However, if you have a long commute to work or take your car on a number of vacations, this might not be the best plan for you.

How Much Am I Able to Afford?

You definitely need to consider the amount of car you are able to afford. In most cases, a lease is going to be less expensive than a finance option. Since you are not paying for the full amount of the car, your monthly payments are going to be lower. This is a great way to save up if you want to buy the car at the end or if you want to get into a finance agreement at some point in the future.

Is My Family Going to Grow?

If you are planning to have children within the next few years, you need to determine if the car you are planning to buy will still make sense then. Remember, you are likely going to have this car for quite some time. A lease can be a great idea if you think you will need a bigger vehicle within the next few years or so.

Both lease agreements and finance agreements have their benefits. It really depends upon what you value and what you want. Remember, however, a lease does save you money and provide you with more flexibility.

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