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3 Car Modification you should take Special Care Over

Everybody knows that car modification can be dangerous if not done correctly.  According to the BBC, as of 2011, the death toll on British roads rose to 1,900.  So, if you’ve got a penchant for car modifying but you don’t want to risk your – or anybody else’s lives – what can you do to minimise danger?  Well, one thing you can do is avoid the modifications to your car that have been identified as being particularly dangerous. Here are 3.


The Installation of your Racing Seat

If you like high speeds, fast acceleration and sharp corners, you might have started looking into installing a racing seat.  If done correctly, this piece of equipment can actually be extremely beneficial because it supports your back properly and can help you if you ever do get into difficulty.

The issues come if it isn’t installed correctly.  You might not know what the correct level the seat should be sat at, for example, and this could cause problems with your seat belt. If this happens when you’re in a crash, you could be at risk of injury when the seat belt function kicks in.

Making Steering Modifications

If you want to make any corrections to your steering to allow for extra handling or drift capabilities, it’s not dangerous if you get it done correctly – in fact it can be a benefit, giving you extra control on difficult terrains and on tight turns.

Just like with the racing seat example, the problems arrive when you don’t get an expert to install your new steering system.  If you don’t, you could end up with loose wiring and connections which could result in spotty steering that is seriously dangerous.

Turbo Charging Your Engine

If you really are a speed freak then the place you really want to be looking to upgrade is your engine.  You can do this by modifying it to output more power.  This will consequently improve your acceleration and boost your top speed.

One of the problems with this however is that if your braking system isn’t up to scratch, you might find that you can’t slow down as quickly as you used to.  You can get a Low Volume Vehicle certificate to ensure that your breaks are sufficiently powerful.

Hopefully, if you take real care of your vehicle when you’re modifying it, you should be safe.  And of course, on top of the above 3 modifications to be careful of, you should be insured to cover your modified car – for peace of mind, if nothing else.

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