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2013 Honda CBR500R: Consumer Review

It would be trite of me to pretend like I don’t understand the appeal of a Harley, but for me they just don’t do the trick. I much prefer a bike that can handle the windy roads and high speeds. Sure the purr of the engine is not quite as attractive but the acceleration of a sport bike is what turns me on.


I recently upgraded to a 2013 Honda CBR500R after many different test rides on different models of both Suzuki’s and Honda’s this was the ultimate pick of the season. Generally I don’t base my decision on bikes off of price tag. I am more of a quality kind of girl and am willing to pay the extra buck if the bike has the features and appeal. However, with a price tag under $6000 I felt there had to be a mention.

The CBR500R comes equipped with 471 cc parallel twin engines that are wrapped with a steel tube frame. The engine connects non-adjustable 41mm forks to the pre-load adjustable Pro-Link shock. For an additional $500 you can add ABS to the 320mm front break disk with two piston caliper. This option will still keep you under the dollar amount previously mentioned. In total this beautiful bike is a combination of the CBR100R and the pre-VTECVFR800.

It is to be stated that I have only had this bike for a few short days however, in those days I have managed to rack up over 300 miles taking it on all types of roads. I have gone through congested city streets with stop signs every block all the way to the windy roads of the country. Of course there was some highway miles en route as well. This was solely for my benefit, but as you see you are now reaping it through my review.

2013 Honda CBR500, 2013 Honda CB500R, and 2013 Honda CB500X motorcycles.

Off the jump I felt as if I matured a little driving this particular motorcycle. It is a bit heavier than my previous CBR250R model by about 70lbs which made it feel as if it were the adult version of my previous bike. To my surprise this extra weight didn’t have too much of an effect on how it drove, or maybe I am just gaining muscle.

Perhaps the biggest draw to this model is the engine itself. At one point in my 2 days of pure bliss I found myself shifting into the wrong gear. I pulled off in 3rdand didn’t even notice it until I couldn’t find neutral among stopping.

As a final note I would like to point out the serviceability. Maintaining any vehicle is important and anything that requires a lot of maintenance is a deal breaker for me. This particular bike requires an initial 800 mile service, but once you complete that you are good to go for another 1600 miles.

That is of course unless you are me and you scratch the paint pulling into the garage as soon as you return home from the dealership. Luckily it wasn’t a serious scratch – a DIY paint project with motorcycle touch up paint was all it took. It’s a pretty nifty trick I learned with my old bike and something I will carry with me always.

Along with the CBR500R Honda has also released the CBR500F model which is similar but caters more to new riders as well as those who don’t plan on adding on miles quickly. In a few short weeks they will also be releasing the CBR500X model which may have me kicking myself in the behind.



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