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10 Affordable Used Car Models to Watch

Buying something fun and functional to drive doesn’t have to bust your budget. There are plenty of used cars with lots of life and lots of value left. Better still, select models sell for extremely affordable prices, often below $5,000. SEAT Mii by Mango Bad credit doesn’t have to stop you either. With an after-bankruptcy car loan, for example, you ...

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Car accidents: whose fault is it?

Having a car accident is always an unpleasant experience but it can be made even worse if there is a dispute over who is responsible for it. To understand whether or not you may be responsible you need to understand how fault is determined and what steps you should take to prove it. Read on to get a better idea ...

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Getting a new car for people with bad credit

There are so many questions on how people with bad credit can actually end up owning a car. Nowadays, it’s a necessity, especially if you have a big family or live in a city with no mass transit. There are so many reasons why you might need a new car. I personally wouldn’t be able to get around very well ...

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Top Tips For Selling Your Used Car For Profit

  When it’s time to say goodbye to your old banger, there are many routes you can take to get it out of your hands while making a profit. As with most things, getting the most value for your unwanted car takes time and effort, so here is a quick rundown to selling your old vehicle; in order of the ...

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The Benefits of Buying a New Car

About a year ago, I decided to buy a new car after doing some “complex” calculations – I decided to go for the 2014 Ford Focus. By that time, I only had cars that were about 5-10 years old, such a Skoda Oktavia or a Toyota Prius. However, I never quite experienced that “new car smell” that we all love, ...

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