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Tuning: Gemballa presents Mistrale and Tornado

Celebrating 30 years of beautiful age, German tuning house Gemballa presented in the Top Trademarks Salon in Monaco models Mistrale and Tornado. Gemballa Tornado is based on the new Porsche Cayenne and Gemballa Mistrale is based on the Porsche Panamera architecture.

Gemballa cat tuner reaches 30 years of existence, and to proper way to celebrate this beautiful age is by presenting two new creations in Monaco. Gemballa Tornado model based on the second generation of the Porsche Cayenne and Gemballa Mistrale, a work based on the Panamera.

Both Tornado and Mistrale possess a revised exterior, front and rear spoilers being replaced. Also, the two German creations have new aerodynamic elements, which led to a decrease in weight, but also better handling. For the equation to be complete, Gemballa added 22 inches alloy wheels with the same weight as the 20-inch used by Porsche.

We’ve cut heavily from the weight of cars without compromising power, safety or convenience,” said Andreas Schwarz, Gemballa Executive Director. Inside, the German tuner offers a combination of leather, carbon fiber and Alcantara, all being completed by a next generation information and entertainment system.

Regarding the performance package, Gemballa has prepared two stages for Mistrale and Tornado. First of them gives Tornado 580 horsepower, and for Mistrale the generated power reaches 600 horses. For those who want extreme sensations, the Germans prepared stage two of the package that provides 700 horsepower for both models and get in 1000 Nm torque. Both Gemballa Tornado and Gemballa Mistrale will be produced in 30 copies.

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