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Seat Leon Cupra R: 330 HP thanks to JE Design

The German tuner JE Design has turned its attention to the Seat Leon Cupra R, the latest model from the Iberian House. The car has been modified both aesthetically and technique to make the sport even more high-performance version of Leon. JE Design has increased engine power 2.0 TSI from 265 to 330 hp, while peak torque has been increased from 350 to 420 Nm. Concerning performance, accelerating from 0 to 100 decreased from 6.2 to 5,8 seconds, while top speed has increased from 250 to 268 km/h.

The increase in power and performance was achieved by optimizing the electronic control unit, the adoption of the sport air filter, the new catalyst and the exhaust pipe to 4 outputs. The technical package for the German tuner Leon Cupra R costs 6,200 Euros. Moreover, JE Design has built the compact bodykit for Spanish, worth a total of 1,539 euros. The appearance package is composed of front spoiler, rear spoiler, side skirts and rear bumper for the center speaker.

The bodykit for the Leon Cupra R also includes daytime running lights “Dark Line” and the bright red color for a few details like the cups of mirrors, the grille etc. JE Design also offers alloy wheels “Multispoke” 19-polloci red at a price of 2,810 euros, and three types of lowered suspension with prices ranging from 159 to 1,549 euros. For the interior, however, there are numerous solutions in suede and the full package is offered at 1,599 euros.

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  1. I really know nothing about cupra and how it performs, but i think it’s my third choice for hot hatches, first is Impreza, MazdaSpeed 3, Cupra and lastly is the Focus RS.

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