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Land Rover Defender by Kahn Design

Kahn Design has made ​​an aesthetic kit for one of the most capable off-road models, Land Rover Defender. After all the hard work, this new Land Rover Defender is even more masculine, while the interior has been radically transformed. Caution. These photos might produce love at first sight!

Land Rover Defender 2013

Land Rover Defender Tuning

Already considered one of the uncrowned kings of the offroad, Land Rover Defender does not need aesthetic improvements in order to demonstrate its  rough, masculine and aggressive character. In addition, its fairly advanced age does not make him a tuners favorite so that’s why  the number of tuning kits for the Albion’s offroader is quite low.

However, there are tuners who fail to emphasize the appearance of the British brand model using aesthetic packages and truly special techniques. This is the case of Kahn Design, which turned a classic Land Rover Defender into a model with both  increased off-road capability and with the elegance and sportiness of the interior.

Land Rover Defender 2013 

Elegance and sportiness in a Land Rover Defender? That’s what I said too. But then I saw pictures of Land Rover Defender’s interior. Sport seats front and rear with lateral support made of nappa and Alcantara leather,  sewn with  contrasting silver and red thread. The board, the ceiling and the center console  are also covered with fine leather and Harris Tweet’s textile inserts.

If that’s not enough, Land Rover Defender by Kahn Design has aluminum pedals, piano black inlays on the dashboard, red tachometer signed by Kahn Design and red belts.

All to create a completely different atmosphere from what usually has the rather “Spartan” Defender. Here are the official photos offered by Kahn Design. You can use them even as a wallpaper as this new model of Land Rover Defender looks better than ever before!

Land Rover Defender Wallpapers

If the inside makes you feel pampered, the outside is more masculine than the serial version. The series tires has been changed with some dedicated strictly off-road and the wings, extended with integrated air intakes,  are standing out. There is an additional metal shield which, aesthetically speaking, worth the money, plus other minor changes signed by Kahn Design for the new Land Rover Defender.

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