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Geneva 2011: Ferrari 458 Italia by Novitec Rosso

Novitec Rosso tuning house will exhibit at Geneva Motor Show 2011 his own interpretation of the supercar Ferrari 458 Italia. The Italian model has received more power and a new aerodynamic kit.

Novitec Rosso tuners, known for their affinity to the Ferrari models, have decided to present to the public in Geneva, their first supercar kit for 458 Italia. The most popular product of the Italians: Ferrari 458 Italia “suffered” a complete tuning, which modifies both the exterior and mechanical.

Novitec Rosso has made a series of changes to the V8 unit, replacing a number of the series components with some much lighter carbon fiber to reduce engine weight by 31 kilograms. Experts have not forgotten the ECU system, which has been recalibrated to deliver 39 extra horsepower. So, all 4.5-liter is capable of providing a total of 609 brake-horsepower at 9100 revolutions and torque of 569 Nm (540 Nm in the standard) at 5400 revolutions.

The tuning house has made its mark on the suspension, which went down a 35-mm. But Novitec has installed a hydraulic system that raises the previous 40 mm axle to pass over any obstacles. They could not miss any custom wheels, a set of NF3, size 21-inch front and 22 inch back. In turn, the tires are 255/30 front and 335/25 rear.

Novitec Rosso went further with the aerodynamic kit idea and tested the aesthetic changes made to the body in the wind tunnel at the University of Stuttgart. They also replaced the bumpers, rear deflector, side sills and used carbon fiber in abundance at the outside.

Video: Novitec Rosso Ferrari 458 – University of Stuttgart Wind Tunnel

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