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Ferrari FF gets a tuning package from Wheelsandmore

The  Wheelsandmore tuners  have developed a tuning package for Ferrari FF. The Italian model receives new rims, new extra power, modified suspension and a sports exhaust.

Ferrari FF received a new tuning package, this time from Wheelsandmore. Customers can choose from six models of alloy wheels, with the size of  9.5×21 for the front axle and 12×22 for the rear axle, all fitted with Pirelli P Zero Nero tires. For adding artistic effect, the tuners are offering  a sport exhaust system, equipped with electronically controlled valves, which allows running through urban areas at a decent decibel level, then, by just pressing a button, you can unleash  the full evacuation sound.

Ferrari FF Tuning Kit

2013 Ferrari FF Tuning Package

The tuners are currently working on a suspension for Ferrari FF, which will reduce the ground clearance by 25 millimeters.

Ferrari FF Prices

In terms of power, Ferrari FF can get two steps of tuning the engine. The first step costs 3782 euros and includes a reprogrammed ECU unit, which climbs the maximum powe to 684 HP and 705 Nm ( 520 lb / ft). For 9244 euros, the power rises to 700 hp and the maximum torque to 715 Nm (527 lb / ft ), all because of the above written evacuation and the reprogrammed ECU. Compared to the price of a Ferrari FF, the  tuning package is not expensive at all.

Ferrari FF Top Speed

Equipped with an all-wheel  drive system, a premiere for the brand from Maranello, Ferrari FF comes with a new generation of front and rear suspension and a third generation of carbo-ceramic brakes. Theis brakes are designed to stop the supercar from 100 km/h (60 miles/h) in just 35 meters. For the standard version, the maximum speed stops at 335 km/h (200 miles/h) and sprints from 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 60 miles/h) in just 3.7 seconds. Ferrari FF proves to be a very roomy car, in addition to the four seats it also has a trunk of 450 liters (159 l/ft³), under normal circumstances, or 800 liters (282 l / ft³) when the seats are folded. Overall, these upgrade make the Ferrari FF even more attractive!


Tuning Kit for Ferarri FF



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