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Arkym Aerosport created a new tuning kit for BMW M3!

The guys from Arkym Aerosport created an aerodynamic package for the BMW M3 that also fits the 3 Series Sedan and Coupe models.  The aerodynamic kit is made entirely from carbon fiber and can be installed without modification of the standard body elements.

BMW M3 Tuning Kit 2013

BMW M3 Tuning Kit

American tuners from Arkym announced their new aerodynamic kit for the BMW M3, 3 Series Sedan available for E90, but also for E92 3 Series Coupe. The aerodynamic package is specifically designed to be 100% compatible with the original body and is directly applicableon these items, without any holes or other modifications.  All the tuning elements of this package are made of carbon fiber manufactured by vacuum infusion.

BMW M3 Tuning Kit

The tuning kit for BMW 3 Series includes an aerodynamic front bumper lip, rear air diffuser and a spoiler for the trunk lid. These items are available in a glossy carbon color or with a matte black finish. Unfortunately, the price of the aerodynamic package has not yet been revealed.

The guys from Arkym claim their new aerodynamic package offered for the M3 and 3 Series improves lateral stability and extra downforce. By creating an aerodynamic package which can be installed easily on the elements of BMW. Arkym obtained a very discreet package that offers a special aesthetic effect, besides the aerodynamic performance plus they offer .


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