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Toyota and Ford will ally in an attempt to stop the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto offensive

Toyota and Ford have announced that they will collaborate to create a new technology to connect the mobile phones of their customers. The two companies hope to stop the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto invasion.


Year 2015 brought an avalanche of multimedia systems that have adopted the technologies Apple and Android Auto CarPlay offered by Google and Apple. It is obvious that the two giant companies have launched a strong offensive in the automotive market, more new generation models are equipped with two operating systems that helps connect iOS or Android mobile phones with multimedia center of the car.

The latest examples are the next generation Mitsubishi Pajero and the new Opel Astra. There are also car manufacturers who do not see with good eyes the assault Google and Apple, which is why the regime is trying to develop its own similar technologies to supplement the lack of Apple and Android CarPlay Auto.

Two of the big names are Ford and Toyota. The largest automaker in the world has officially announced that it will collaborate with Ford to keep under control their multimedia systems. Japanese and Americans will jointly explore new solutions to integrate mobile phone applications in multimedia systems of future cars.

Both companies have issued a statement to that effect. Ford even claimed that its technology allows companies like SmartDeviceLink called Pandora (online radio) to develop a single application that can then be used on all models in the range. This solution enables the manufacturer to shape at will design and touch screen display settings.

According to analysts, auto manufacturers like Toyota and Ford have invested heavily in their multimedia systems and will not cede ground to operating systems imposed by Apple or Google.

With or without Ford and Toyota, Auto Android CarPlay and impressive expansion will know by the end of this decade. Analysts suggest that by 2020 it will sell 31 million vehicles equipped with CarPlay Apple and other Android Auto 37 million. Such a rate increase is similar to that known to Bluetooth connectivity and MP3 auxiliary connection in the last 10 years, in the current machines.

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