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The Hottest Luxury Cars Of 2017

Sure, we’d all like to play video slots at Royal Vegas casino 24/7, but now and again it’s time to hit the road. Some people have to drive hours every day, and others may just need a quick commute or perform the ‘school run’. No matter what though, driving in style has never been more affordable. Be it a flashy two seater, an executive Beamer or a classic replica – there’s class on the market that need not break the bank. Here’s a run through of the best luxury cars so far released this year (remember to sit on your credit cards!).

This is the touch interface of the detachable "tablet" dedicated to rear passengers.

The price will vary a lot depending on what upgrades and accessories you choose. However, the good news is that every single one of them are actually worth the bucks. Just as anyone would expect from a high-performance brand, the A6 is at the ‘affordable’ end of the market while providing sublime handling, easy acceleration, and industry-leading safety features. Quite possibly this is the best luxury car for a small family and ideal for pretty much any purpose. Keep it well cared for and it’ll last for decades – the engine and gears are second only to Mercedes in reliability.

2) Ferrari ‘LaFerrari Aperta’ ($7m+)

Much as the Audi A6 is a great car, let’s move things up a notch! Those who even have access to buy one of these supercars will likely be long-term members of the exclusive Ferrari Club and have the liquidity to pay several million up front. Based upon a hybrid engine with the kind of streamlines usually seen only in aerodynamics, this is by far and away the most in demand supercar of the year. Rumor has it that they keys will even be personally engraved, but those with the cash to buy this beauty tend to not answer questions!

3) Ford GT 2017 ($400k+)

Ever wanted to be one of a thousand? This is perhaps the best track car out there, designed with phenomenal acceleration and handling with the breaks to match. Sure it’s not necessarily the kind of motor that you’d use to do the groceries, but for all-round performance and luxury, it’s a wonderful, beautiful thing. Should this be the car you’re looking for, remember that the twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 is extremely powerful. Plus given the limited production rates, it’ll be a solid long-term investment.

4) Mercedes-Benz E-Class ($50k+)

Sadly we can’t all afford supercars, but this is an absolutely perfect executive vehicle. Everyone knows how reliable these cars are, and even better with the E-Class they’re now absolutely gorgeous to drive and enjoy. This edition has been configured to be as sleek as possible – there’s very little engine noise and handling is better than most similar sedans. As for the interior – there’s now a huge amount of trunk space because they’ve instead added extra stretch space to the interior. Which is ideal for the general city dweller.

5) Volvo S90 ($30-40k)

Why is a Volvo on this prestigious list? Simply because you can drive a high-performance car that is matchable with vehicles dozens of times more expensive. This is a groundbreaker in delivering the easiest driving performance going. It is semi-autonomous, uses simple cruise control and has an optional parking assist feature. The interior is as spacious as it is gorgeous. Should it be considered a luxury car? Absolutely because it won’t break the bank and instead delivers incredible value for the price.

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