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Volkswagen Touareg CC – The BMW X6 Rival

Volkswagen Touareg CC is the newest concept from the Bavarian Manufacturer. SUV-coupe fashion spreads from Munich to Wolfsburg. Volkswagen is planning to launch in 2015 a “rear cut” Touareg that will receive the CC particle. BMW X6 creates markets.

Volkswagen Touareg CC Launch

Volkswagen Touareg CC 2015

The SUV coupe Doctrine that BMW invented as a successful attempt to present a viable alternative to conventional SUVs, is about to inspire other producers. Its start will be given, as was quite normal, in Germany.

Next on the list of brands who want an SUV coupe seems to be Volkswagen, which will carry on the story started with their latest concept CrossCoupe, that made its world premiere at Tokyo Motor Show 2011.

Volkswagen Touareg CC vs Audi vs BMW 

But it’s not a model based on this concept – a pretty small in size – but a future coupe version of the Touareg, which could be launched in 2015 and be simply  called Touareg CC. But guess what, Volkswagen isn’t going to battle just the BMW X6 as Audi is already working on a new SUV-coupe Q6 that will be placed between Q5 and Q7 range.

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