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Mercedes BlueTEC created a version of G-Klasse

Mercedes-Benz has created an organic version of G-Klasse, called E350 BlueTEC. The developing 210 hp and 540 Nm while comply with the Euro 5 thanks BlueTEC and AdBlue liquid.

Mercedes-Benz has developed a low emission version of G-Klasse, which uses technology BlueTEC. This technology is developed specifically to reduce emissions from a diesel, especially emissions of NOx (oxides of nitrogen). The BlueTEC uses AdBlue liquid, which is a solution of urea, injected into the exhaust.

The process of injection of urea into the exhaust system produces ammonia, which converts about 80% of emissions of nitrogen oxides in nitrogen and water. The entire process takes place in particular SCR catalytic converter. The Mercedes-Benz decided to introduce this technology for a vehicle that can access more remote areas of the world and the only change compared to other models using BlueTEC was moving AdBlue tank filler cap in the same place where lies and cover tank of diesel. A full tank of AdBlue is enough for about 12,000 km.

Mercedes BlueTEC is equipped with a G350 CDI V6 engine offers 210 hp at 3400 rpm and maximum torque of 540 Nm between 1600 and 2400 rpm. The issuing an extremely low value of NOx, 50% less than the standard version of G350 CDI, observing with flying colors while the Euro 5 offers the same performance level. The benefits and the 7G-Tronic transmission with seven gears and ETS and ESP systems.

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