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In front of the Hummer

The GM-owned Hummer at risk of imminent doom: The takeover by the Chinese Consolidated Tengzhong has burst. The SUV brand now will be managed.

China wants to buy but not now. The SUV-Hummer costly, daughter of General Motors, is now threatening the same fate as his siblings Pontiac and Saturn: You will be managed. “We are disappointed that the deal with Tengzhong couldn’t be completed” said the GM competent manager John Smith who is now in Detroit. For service and warranty services of existing cars, GM will continue to stand up. GM and the “Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Co.” had agreed in October 2009 the acquisition. In recent days, however, there were increasing signs that it does not come to a conclusion. According to media reports, the Chinese government refused their consent, because the SUV sprit thirsty would sabotage the goal of reducing environmental pollution.

Overview: All news and tests Hummer

Hummer, GM had recently brewed losses, sales had broken the face of high fuel prices and the economic crisis. According to media reports Tengzhong was willing, despite everything, pay between 150 and 200 million U.S. dollars to. The over-sized SUV should first continue to be built at GM, 3000 by staff should remain in wages and bread. Together with them, the dealers and suppliers will now address the settlement, said Smith. Already during the negotiations was the business under an unlucky star. Government officials in China questioned behind closed doors because Tengzhong possess the necessary experience to control lobsters. The little-known company makes its money with the machine.

Travel report: The Hummer H2 on Route 66

The original Hummer was a civilian branch of the American Humvee military transport. Thanks to its distinctive form of expensive cars quickly evolved into a status symbol. The later models H2 and H3 were more comfort and a little less angular appearance. The rise in oil prices since 2005, continued the success of the brand, but an end. Lobster is one of the brands, which separates General Motors at its restart. The carmaker had slipped in 2009, the bankruptcy, from which he was only thanks to a multi-billion government cash injection to escape. The U.S. government controlled the company since then. Only on 23 February 2009, GM had to sell the Swedish subsidiary Saab to the Dutch sports car maker Spyker successfully across the stage.


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