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Chevrolet Colorado Rally: Global Pickup Truck

Chevrolet launched a new concept in Buenos Aires announcing the future global pickup truck, named Colorado. This time the concept version is a rally car: Colorado Rally.

Chevrolet continues to arouse public interest with its future global pickup truck. The future Chevrolet Colorado, already anticipated by the concept presented in the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show, is expected to debut on the majority continents and is responsible for the considerable sales growth for the US brand.

Desiring to pave the way for the eventual release of series version on the market in South America, Chevrolet introduces Colorado Rally Concept at the Buenos Aires Auto Show. Seen as a rally version of the Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck, the concept comes with a 2.8-liter diesel engine that can deliver excellent torque.

Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept benefits of the all-wheel drive system, the 18-inch alloy wheels, LED lights, shock absorbers and performance suspensions, which can raise or lower the ride height by up to 50 mm. And for the off-road package to be complete, Colorado Rally received a winch with a towing capacity of 4,000 kilograms and a steel cable 23 meters long.

Chevrolet Colorado Rally is not missing anything, it has even a roll cage which enhances the integrity of the cabin. The interior reminds more of a luxury sports car, not what usually an off-road vehicle offers: clamshell sports seats, in leather, aluminum thresholds with inserts, sport steering wheel with LED lights and indicators for changing gear and a dashboard also dressed in textured leather.

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