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BAW B90, chinese copy after the Range Rover and Grand Cherokee!

The Chinese manufacturer BAW, a part of BAIC, will launch during the Beijing Exhibition the SUV named B90, a copy of the Range Rover and Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The upcoming Beijing Motor Show 2010 will host a series of important world premieres and several releases but not very honorable for the Chinese auto industry. Known for the “passion” to copy the European models, Asians seem to be preparing for this year even better!

This time they come with an SUV inspired from Land Rover and Jeep and built by the less popular Beijing Auto Works (BAW). As we’ve said, these guys are a subsidiary of the BAIC, a manufacturer that tryed to take over Saab but in the end got satisfied only to take production for the old 9-5 and now 9-3 models.

The product of the BAW is called B90 and it is by definition.. an SUV not very original, which borrows or…steals the design patterns established by the Range Rover and Jeep Grand Cherokee. But that’s not all dear addicts, BAW will also bring at Beijing Motor Show 2010 another copy of Jeep Wrangler, called B40!

Currently there is no information about the two Chinese cars: all the images we’ve got were taken from a series of billboards in Beijing. 🙂 But still, we can say that these off-road cars have under the hood some turbocharged units inspired from Saab.


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