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2013 Audi Q7: Restyling the next generation

2013 Audi Q7 will be changed in significant manner. The next generation of the German SUV, expected to be presented in 2013, could in fact doubled in production to accommodate the needs of international markets. For the United States, Arab countries and China the new SUV could become even bigger, to comfortably accommodate a third row of seats, while in Europe could become a more compact 5-seater.

2013 Audi Q7

2013 Audi Q7

The choice would be dictated by declining sales, rather obvious, for the current model, both to contain fuel consumption and emissions without sacrificing the luxury and exclusiv characteristics of the current model, compared to the younger Q5 and the future Q3.

If Q7 could also use the space frame platform MLB, the weight reduction combines the ability to mount small engines such as a 2-liter TFSI, perhaps assisted by the hybrid system that will debut soon on the A8 TDI Hybrid and the 2-liter twin-turbo diesel.

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