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McLaren MSO X – the limited version inspired by the GT4 for McLaren 570S, only for US

McLaren has launched a new project specifically developed by the Special Operations Division. Baptized McLaren MSO X, the special edition is based on the 570S but takes on a number of body elements from the 570S GT4 race car.

Supercar manufacturers have learned that the public needs special editions so the interest rate does not drop. McLaren has understood this, and McLaren Special Operations (MSO) is the one dealing with special projects and limited editions.

McLaren MSO X is the name of the most recent project developed by MSO. Based on the 570S street version, MSO X uses bodywork elements taken from the 570S GT4. The project took place over eight months and the British produced only 10 copies, all of which were commissioned by the McLaren dealer in Newport Beach, California.

The MSO Division offers for the special version an oversized rear wing, a roof top air intake, front spoiler fins, a Titanium Super Sport Exhaust and vents on the hood. Finally, the British supercar manufacturer added Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires.

Also, most body parts of the McLaren MSO X are made of carbon fiber. Standard chairs have been replaced, and McLaren also offers a special place where you can put your race helmet.

“The aim of this project was to have a serious track car that could still be driven on the road and this finished project screams ‘race car’ to the casual onlooker,” Pietro Frigerio, McLaren Newport Beach dealer principal, said in a statement. “To have the MSO X project go from renderings at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last July to the 10 magnificent supercars that we handed over to our excited clients today, is nothing short of amazing.”

McLaren did not announce changes to the engine, which means that  McLaren MSO X will have the same 3.8-liter V8 engine with 570 horsepower and 600 Nm (443 lb-ft).

McLaren MSO X via McLaren Special Operations

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