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Geneva 2011: Gumpert Tornante

The people from Gumpert announced that they will launch a new model at the Geneva Motor Show 2011 Gumpert Tornante. It is still a two places, but it is more comfortable and offers more interior space.

The new model made by the Germans –  Gumpert Tornante is designed by the Italiens from Touring Superleggera, those who made Bentley Continental Estate . Thus, the Germans from Gumpert hopes to escape criticism about the appearance of Gumpert Apollo, model drawing on aerodynamic considerations and focused on performance.

Although the new model will be more practical than the original Apollo, Gumpert Tornante will provide only two seats and will offer maximum performance levels. Compared with Apollo, the new model will have more interior space, more comfort and character that will enable a driver to use it without the hassles of everyday life. The new Gumpert Tornante wants to become a flagship for the dynamic customers who want to travel fast.

Gumpert Tornante will have a body made of carbon fiber monocoque and a mid-mounted V8 engine. Most likely, the engine that will power the new Tornante will be an improved version of the current unit fitted to Gumpert Apollo. In order to minimize weight, the model will have body panels from carbon fiber. For now, there is no picture of the “mixture of Italian sporty-elegance and German precision,” as Gumpert characterized the new Tornante.

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