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A Ferrari FXX signed by Michael Schumacher is for sale: the auction starts at one million EUR

The last sold Ferrari FXX to a customer is again for sale. The bidding starts at one million euros, but the car bears the signature of Michael Schumacher, which had climbed its value to around 2 million EUR.

Ferrari FXX Michael Schumacher

Ferrari FXX, a model manufactured in only 30 units by the Italian manufacturer, it’s a supercar that will experience an increase in value over the years. If copies of the photos above, we talk about car number 29, the last FXX sold to a client in the context of the car with the number 30, the only black FXX, came to Michael Schumacher. From the start, Ferrari FXX copy of the last value is greater than that of sister of his, but this copy in particular has something extra: autographed by Michael Schumacher. The vehicle owner had the inspiration to ask for an autograph champion hood, which he laminated to protect it from age.

Bidding starts at one million EUR, but experts estimate that the vehicle will be sold for an amount between 2 and 2.2 million. Despite the astronomical price, sold at auction vehicle was damaged in the past, the right wing hit the front after a minor incident on the track. Of course, the model was repaired by specialists at Ferrari and is again ready for action on the track. Unfortunately for those who would want to display a street FXX, this model does not have the traffic on public roads.

Ferrari FXX signature Schumacher

Copy the images has only 2,400 kilometers on board and the second owner, a collector as ardent as the first customer of the model. The 800 hp is sold through an auction house in Berlin and its price does not include taxes applied in Europe (where it will be sold to a customer in the EU). Copy from the image above was conducted only on the track but did not participate in any specific motorsport competition, just for the joy of being driven owner.

Ferrari FXX Via Auctionata

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