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Fastest Ferrari – the 599 GTB

Ferrari plans to build only 599 copies of the Ultra version sporting 599 GTO, 670 horse power endowed. The price is 319,495 euros.

Although there are few good weeks until the official unveiling of the new Ferrari 599 GTO, the fastest and most powerful version of the Italian, Dutch journalists were able to take possession of valuable information. It’s about this exclusive supercar’s price and about the number of units planned for production.

Ferrari is not going to give up easily before the economic crisis, as for proposing the most passionate clients a supercar costing319,495 euros. Starting price is of course one, which can be added lots of accessories such as a set of custom bags, which since 6000 euros out of the pockets of customers.

Price is a little steep but not unreasonably. Who will be able to park in the garage or a Ferrari GTO will be among the few owners, only 599 in number, Italians intending to keep an exclusive character model. Also, customers will receive their financial effort and a serious compensation under the hood: ready to develop a V12 670 horsepower. Resources will be combined with a low mass, the model was subjected to a process of weakening, which facilitated the work propellant 195 kilograms.

In these conditions, the new Ferrari 599 GTO promises a sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.3 seconds, a performance hard to reach. Latest official details and release the first images will be revealed only on April 7.

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