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Croatian Hypercar Rimac C_Two rewrites industry rules

When we talk about the peak performance of electric cars, we often think at the figures provided by Tesla, a company in Croatia that overturns all the calculations with a car that doesn’t respect any “rule” of the automotive industry: Rimac C_Two.

The Croatian company Rimac, specialized in the development of electric hypercars, has come to the attention of the press all over the world, especially after Richard Hammond, one of three members of the team led by Jeremy Clarkson in the new Amazon’s The Grand Tour show suffered an accident while driving the Concept One, the first car produced by the European company. An unfair story for a company that produced 88 units of a fantastic electric hypercar.

7 years after the Rimac Concept One, probably the only series car that has the “Concept” name in its title, Rimac is re-entering this year at Geneva where the Croats have brought the direct successor of their first supercar. Its official name is Rimac C_Two and offers performance that propels it into a league of hypercars and performance cars generally developed for circuit competitions, not for the road.

Rimac C_Two: 1914 horsepower and performance worthy of Bugatti Chiron

The new Rimac C_Two – a name that avoids confusion created by the Croatian first model – is powered by four electric motors that develop together a peak of not less than 1914 hp and a maximum monstrous torque: 2300 Nm (1696 lb-ft). Under these conditions, the sprintfor the  0-100 km/h (62 mph) takes place in just 1.85 seconds and acceleration 0-300 km/h (186 mph) is ticked in 11.8 seconds. According to the Croatian manufacturer, the new C_Two is able to reach a top speed of 412 km/h (256 mph), an absolute record for an electric car. To achieve this performance, Rimac worked closely with Pirelli to develop tires specifically developed for the new hypercar.

Regarding the electric propulsion system, Rimac did not neglect the classic features of such a model. We find out that Rimac C_Two has an autonomy of 650 kilometers (404 miles) with a single “full” battery. This is based on two elements not to be neglected: on the one hand, a very high battery capacity (120 kWh), on the other hand a very low own weight due to the extensive use of carbon fiber in the bodywork. We are talking about a monocoque carbon fiber structure with a roof and a bodywork made of the same material. The only “exception” regarding materials is in the resistance structure, where Croats used an aluminum alloy to control the deformation areas in the event of an accident.

Another interesting aspect of the propulsion system built from A to Z by Rimac is that related to performance constancy. So if a classic electric car gets top performances for a limited time until the system enters in the battery power conservation mode, Rimac C_Two is able to make two rounds at the Nordschleife circuit in Nurburgring (about 44 kilometers – 27 miles) at a sustained pace. This is because the thermal management of the propulsion system is liquid-cooled and can provide top performance.

Rimac C_Two – Level 4 Autonomy

At the technological level, the Rimac C_Two boasts a 4 out of 5 at autonomous rolling performance, a nonexistent performance on the European series cars. Obviously, the Croatian hypercar can’t exercise its autonomous rolling capacity due to European legislation, but the Croats say the car is always waiting for the relaxation of the regulations to be able to run autonomously without the need for the driver’s attention.

Rimac C_Two price is around two million EUR

As far as the purchase price is concerned, Rimac is pretty silent. We only know that the Croatian producer will build 150 copies of the Rimac C_Two. However, as each copy of the previous model cost around one million euros, it is very likely that future customers of C_Two will have to pay between 1.5 and 2 million euros.

Rimac C_Two via Rimac

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