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BMW Zagato Coupe at Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este

BMW Zagato Coupe is the big surprise prepared by BMW for Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este: a spectacular coupe designed by Zagato.

BMW Zagato Coupe

2012 BMW Zagato Coupe for Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este

Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este is perhaps the most famous beauty contest for cars in Europe. It is housed in the Lake Como area in Italy, one of the most luxurious and picturesque parts of the country. And the sponsor of this competition is BMW. A good reason for the Bavarian car manufacturer to make us a major surprise.

BMW Zagato Coupe photo gallery

2012 BMW Zagato Coupe

BMW has brought in the past years in this competition concepts as M1 Hommage or 328 Hommage, but BMW hasn’t inspired from its own history this year. The Bavarians have joined forces with the renowned Italian car design company Zagato to create a stunning coupe. It’s very rare for BMW to look for a designer outside their specialized department.

BMW Zagato Coupe is a unique copy, but it’s not just a show car. It’s a fully functional automobile and impeccably finished. The car is registered and can run without problems on roades, already being tested on the BMW track. Even if the manufacturer haven’t released details about the technical part, it’s easy to see that the model is based on the BMW Z4 technical platform.

What is found under the superb manufactured bodywork matters less. The design is beautiful and reminds us of collaborations between BMW and famous designers like BMW 3200 Michelotti Vignale in 1959 or the M1 designed by Giugiaro in 1978.

BMW Zagato Coupe has a front grille dominated by a specific BMW personality, but with a net made up of small Z letters. The ceiling has two “bumps” specific to the Zagato coupés. Remnants of a past when racing car’s ceiling was embossed to accommodate the pilot’s competition helmet.

The rear uses a “queue” Kamm, a design element used in the past both by BMW and Zagato. BMW 328 Kamm Coupe from 1940 and then Alfa SZ and TZ have used this element. In Italy it was later called “Coda Troncata” and was used on the bodywork of the 60s Zagato.

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