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Volkswagen will launch a sports version of Polo R in 2012

The sportiest version of the Car of the Year will be launched during 2012. Polo R will have 210 hp.

Volkswagen will release in 2012 a version R of the Polo model, which until now has had in the top of the power model just a GTI version.

According to information published today by the Autocar, for those of Volkswagen is to populate and win a bigger slice of the segment subcompact hatch sports sites, which today stands out by Clio RS, Mini JCW or Citroen DS3R. Behind the name R will hide a model that will squeeze 210 hp from a 1.6 liter engine. Unlike big brother Golf R, Polo R will not receive a four-wheel drive platform because the German model does not allow it.

The first member of the new line of performance Volkswagen, the Golf R, was presented the world in premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show, last autumn. This is powered by a 2.0 liter engine that develops 270 hp.


  1. Looks like a good car. I look forward to drive this! haha, or dream

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  5. The VW Polo was a pretty cool car. I had one and i was happy with it. Doing this version is like a tribute! 🙂

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