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Renault Twingo Gordini RS – Tuning the Mouse

A famous name returns: Gordini. The first model is a new, especially sporting facilities set of Renault in May 2010, the Twingo RS Gordini. The vehicle in the exclusive metallic paintwork “Gordini Blue” is available at prices from 16 990 euros. The distinctive color is a tribute to the mostly blue-painted Sport models by Amédée Gordini.

The Gordini RS based on the Renault Twingo Sport and makes the 1.6-liter gasoline engine with 98 kW / 133 PS. Two white stripes, ranging from the bonnet over the roof to the rear to enhance the sporting character. Other highlights are the large-sized, two-color 17-inch alloy wheels, white exterior mirrors and the rear window and rear side windows in dark tint. The interior sports seats with Gordini emblem with black and blue, quilted leather. Blue leather covered also the doors. On black and blue leather steering wheel also mark the straight-ahead, two white stripes. The blue-and-white rev counter and the shift lever leather lined round out the sporty interior design.

In addition, the Twingo Gordini RS a climate control, light and rain sensor, Speed Pilot with speed and 4 x 15-watt CD radio with MP3 function. Also included in the standard specification are the two single sliding rear seats.

The Twingo Gordini RS equipped with standard electronic stability program ESP with Understeer control (USC). His intervention parameters are designed for a sporty driving style, so the ESP corrected later than the other Twingo versions. This allows a sporty driving style, without compromising security. In addition, the system allows for use on the track off by pressing a button.

Gordini, race engineer and a native Italian, has developed in the fifties and sixties for Renault Sport versions of everyday high-volume models. Striking external feature of tuned cars was the painting in “France Bleu” with white stripes.

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