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The new Citroen DS3 Racing!

Citroen will show the latest model at the International Geneva Motor Show. The new DS3 Racing limited edition, inspired by the world rallies.

Citroen has released the first official information and images of the new DS3 Racing. 100% Racing flying concept attributes, such as carbon elements and specific equipment derived from motorsportRacing Citroen improved, or 1.6 liter engine now develops 200 hp. Chassis and powertrain have been changed to high precision. The aim of this vehicle is to provide intense feelings and to allow a permanent dialogue between driver and and road.
DS3 Racing will be marketed in a series limited to 1000 copies, since the second half of 2010.

A design full of sensations

Citroen DS3 Racing possesses a style that inspires boldness, desire, strength and will to move forward.With a length of 3.94 m, DS3 Racing is an absolute concept of sport. Its seductive lines, also fluid and hard, evoke power, driving pleasure and safety.
Citroen DS3 Racing takes stylistic codes of the DS3, but it is distinguished by its own 100% Racing, suggesting a strong temperament and rasat.
This concept presents carbon finishes that we find semi-rigid strip on front bumper, the median body belt, and the protections that highlight wheels 18 inch wheels with unique design, high-tech sport. Protections enjoy the same side of door finishes.
DS3 Racing benefits from a study of aerodynamics derived from competitions. Thus, incorporates an air diffuser with carbon finish, the interests of maintaining vehicle stability at high speeds. Finally, the chrome exhaust gives a final coughing line seductive elegance.
All such equipment rallies universe derived from the sporty character and athletic strengthening the concept DS3 Racing, who claim exclusivity through a specific signatures placed on the tailgate.

DS3 their exclusive nature and reveal the unique presentation that will benefit from the Geneva Salon: body color was dark gray in contrast to the flag, outside mirrors and pedal orange. This color is orange declined in the roll and chrome rims.

Refined ambiance and different

Compartment model derived from the DS3 has received the same special treatment as the exterior. Passengers are greeted by a luxurious atmosphere, rasata and original. Carbon finishes are placed on the dashboard elegant in décor wheel, the door handles and dials in the upper part of the board instruments.
The color orange flag shall be included in the dashboard, in ending the gear, as well as its bottom. Each copy of the limited series DS3 Racing is individualized and identified by a number, the chairs, specific Racing Citroen her signature on the back.

Engine with a strong temperament

The performance is a model guideline DS3 Racing. Created by Citroen Racing, the engine has all the expertise and engineering teams have mark 5 times World Rally champion in WRC Constructors (2003, 2004, 2005, 2008 and 2009).
Starting from the 1.6 liter THP engine 150 hp and to ensure the best quality results, engineers have worked to develop its power, from 156 to 200 hp. The couple is also generous and go from 240 Nm to 275 Nm, an evolution of almost 15%, but remains available for a wide range of schemes and thus guaranteeing a swift and outstanding driving pleasure.
Increased power and torque resulting in numerous changes and enhancements to the mechanical elements. Thus, turbo function was adapted to allow a power gain of 30%. Mapping engine was also revised to preserve and enhance the main performances of this powerful and agile. Finally, the exhaust tube has a conductor and a specific silencer.

Suspension designed for pleasure driving

DS3 chassis and suspension design are the result of a study accurately. On DS3 Racing engineers have proposed to add performance already obtained intense driving sensations and a permanent dialogue between driver and tread. DS3 Racing as possessing all the strengths to become a reference for its segment in terms of road behavior.
Front and rear bumpers are new and benefit from its power settings adjusted. DS3 Racing suspension benefit a specific high hardness. These developments help to improve traction and stabiitatii this model. They allow to adapt the excellent road conditions and allow faster cornering secure. Directive, in particular, is also adapted to the car’s sporty temperament: Racing DS3 mapping is specific direction, adapted to the new tires mounted.
This power is easily controlled because the braking system, in turn carebeneficiaza some improvements Racing. Front axle, benefits from DS3 Racing calipers with 4 pistons and specific record. On the rear axle in efficiency, performance and safety brake, discs are notched. ESP‘s benefit for a specific setting, more sports, and can be disconnected, the desire driver.

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