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Koenigsegg Agera – Swedish (R)Evolution

From Sweden are only narrow-minded family car, you say? Well, you know obviously only Saab and Volvo. Perhaps you should simply refer back to the small manufacturer Koenigsegg. With the 923 bhp Koenigsegg Agera stands at the Geneva Motor Show, the latest evolution of the super sports car. Annually, only a maximum of 20 of these vehicles are built in Sweden Ängelholm.

Since 1994, the Koenigsegg AB is a Swedish car manufacturer in the business directory. Under founder Christian von Koenigsegg, the small factory has developed into a long hard work, a sports car of superlatives, they introduced as 1998 the first Koenigsegg CC. Additional 4 years went by before the CC 8S the first production vehicles were delivered. Over the years the car to the CCR and CCX was developed. The CCXR is finally held a FlexFuel variant for operation with bio-ethanol.

Now, the evolution continues. The result is the Koenigsegg Agera, which is celebrating its world premiere in Geneva. In the middle of the vehicle directly behind the passengers, comes the familiar 4.7-liter V8 powerplant. While this obviously does however consider that the technician with 806 bhp Koenigsegg CCX is suffering from a lack of performance in, he gets in Agera 679 kW/923 hp and 1098 Newton meters of torque missed. He runs in 3.1 seconds and to 100 in 8.9 seconds at 200 km/h. For very open highway are more than 395 km/h possible. Koenigsegg that this claim does not speed understates already introduced several years ago, a weaker CCR at a record run in Nardo, Italy with 388 km/h under proof.

The optics is based on in broad terms at the famous Koenigsegg CC design, but was clearly refreshed. In addition to new front and rear lights with LED technology, a new rear spoiler, air vents behind the front wheels and another is transmitted through the wheels of Agera a strip printed on the front cover.

Inside there is a digital display with a g-sensor alarm. This warning is meant to alert drivers to excessive g-forces. After all, the Koenigsegg Agera thanks to good aerodynamics and tires in excellent position to reach up to 1.6 g of lateral dynamics. Driver and front passenger can listen to their favorite music while using a USB port. The player has MP3 support.

For more information and the official prices will be available at the Geneva Motor Show. So far is known that only a maximum of 20 Koenigsegg Agera will be built this year.


  1. Why is there actually pitted against Saab Koenigsegg? Both are (at Saab:) were great individualists in its category. Back to the car to wait times, there are pictures from the sidelines.

  2. I think the color ok. Complete carbon perspective may indeed look interesting, beautiful, I think it is not. And who ordered such a car will certainly get a color to his liking.

  3. Then I do the first time outliers in the comments: For me, far worse for more. The previous design had serious Headlight / sovereign, the strip must also not be printed, the hood is now so rugged. The rear is … ok. But better? Overall, more pimpiger become the whole car. Looks to me from a little like a Koenigsegg after visiting a tuning shop. But, wait times, until you see the first real photos.

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