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Hispano Suiza – a super sport car at Geneva Motor Show

The bright chrome-plated classics of the 20s and 30s years of this Hispano Suiza only the name in common. In Geneva, shows the traditional brand, a 750-hp super sports car. Launch: summer 2010.

It is a very special kind of comeback at the Geneva Motor Show 2010 reports back in the traditional brand Hispano Suiza. Visitors to the fair will be showcasing the study of a super sports car, which wants to lure the Spanish-Swiss company, especially individuals with a thick wallet. The concept is currently running under the simple title Hispano Suiza V10 Supercharged, in the summer of 2010, the first production cars will be delivered – at a price of at least 700,000 euros. Therefore, the solvent clientele ten cylinders, 750 horsepower and performance get the highest level.

At a glance: Highlights at the Geneva Motor Show

The heart of the new super sports car is a 5.2 liter big V10, which is set by two compressors under pressure. A permanent four-wheel drive brings the power on the road. From the state of the expensive exotic in 3.4 seconds surges to 100, the top speed is estimated at over 330 km/h. The design of the study has its own, such as the headlights from another planet. The aggressively-styled two-door measuring nearly five feet in length, is two meters wide and only 1.25 meters. The body is a mixture of an aluminum space frame with carbon parts. Even a hybrid drive is planned: on the front axle by a 150 hp electric motor will increase its output to a total of 900 hp. In the city the car purely electrically powered. 2011, Hispanics will then follow up on or a roadster version.

Hispano Suiza has built over 100 years ago hybrid cars

A super sport car with a hybrid drive? If you invest the price of two family houses into a car, which should prepare a hearty fuel consumption really a headache. In fact, Hispano Suiza here follows no green fashion trend but a tradition: At the beginning of the 20th Century brought the company was founded in 1904 with the motor coach “La Cuadra” one of the first vehicles with a combination of gasoline and electric drive on the market – albeit very unsuccessful. Later they concentrated on the production of internal combustion engines. Among the best known brand vehicles in 1919 is presented H.6 with Six-cylinder, 6.6 liter displacement and 135 horsepower. After the war, Hispano Suiza produced aircraft engines and parts mainly. Today the company belongs to the French SAFRAN Group.

Specifications Hispano Suiza V10 Supercharged V10, direct injection, air compressor • Displacement 5204 cm3 • Maximum output 551 kW (750 hp) at 8200/min • max. Torque 700 Nm at 6650/min • • all-wheel drive six-speed gearbox • length / width / height 4940/2064/1250 mm • Net weight 1590 kg • 0-100 km / h in 3,4 s • Top speed over 330 km / h • Consumption 13.5 l/100 km • CO2 348 g / km • Price from 700,000 euros


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