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Diesel hit at crawl speed – Audi R8 V12 TDI

Of the 500 hp and 1000 Nm strong race car, there is just such a prototype. It’s value somewhere between 1.5 and 2 million euro – perhaps something more. In the US a question raises: the R8 has a real chance of a diesel engine with twin turbochargers?

An impressive performance

That the whole game is not a confused idea challenged engineers, shows the Geneva Salon impressive since, in an intense red-painted flounder. Thing is certain: The one-man show Audi R8 will get a timely addition to the family. First, should consumers who currently have to overcome more than 18 months waiting time, look at the powerful ten-cylinder engine in the R8, in 2010 and the long-awaited Roadster is expected to go into production.

The torque is huge. Quickly, on in the third, fourth gear.  The V12 engine is quiet as a mouse, power flow and zest for action enormously. But the prototype is just even one such. Boring of gears, a short full-throttle attack – nothing like that. But even in gentle gallop of the 1.9 tons of heavy hit shows its potential. The tachometer educates pilots in an unusual Art despite forceful acceleration, the speedometer shows just over 2500 rpm.

We have got the job last September to put this car until the Geneva Motor Show, a reality” says Thomas Kräuter in charge of the Audi prototypes, „in the short term was then decided to demonstrate the vehicle is already at the Detroit Auto Show .” For the nearly 30-member team led by Project Manager Thomas Kräuter that meant a hot holiday season and many extra shifts.

Quickly it was clear that the 330-pound V-12 diesel would fit architecturally into the R8. But did the gearbox troubles – twin turbo for 500 hp and 1000 Nm of torque, there was none. Since the dual-clutch of the group related Bugatti Veyron super sports car would have required too much space, it had to do for the prototype once a reinforced six-speed manual transmission. They mutated in the red diesel into a powerhouse almost to the level of automation. With so much power you can drive most of the speeds in almost every way. Thomas Kräuter: “even just above the idle one is well on the road.”

At idle, the V12 TDI with clean urea-injection system makes the rear just 600 trips. Euro-6 and a US approval for the diesel is no problem. In 1000 to 1200 rpm, it can be to stay dresser. “The speed limit is in any case, well over 300 km/h top” says the Audi-developers without any pride, “we only need once in the wind tunnel. We have not yet done due to time pressure. And the average consumption is not even ten liters of diesel per 100 kilometers.”

Diesel and Audi sports car – that makes sense

Diesel and Audi sports car – that just makes perfect sense in the United States, because nowhere is the attention for a fighter jet diesel is currently higher than in the US. In Miami Beach, a Mecca for automobile , you have to muster even a little to reap applause. Here one sees so often Gallardo or F430 as with us a Golf IV 1.9 TDI in Black Metallic.

It was hardly a surprise that Audi would venture to the diesel-powered racing successes in the Le Mans Series, the symbiosis of ignition and race flounder. “Until now there is just a prototype,” says Audi spokesman Josef Schlossmacher with a smile, “and it has not yet decided whether the R8 V12 TDI goes into production.” But the chances are quite good. Currently, the calculations run, whether the investment pays off.


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