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Bloodhound SSC – the rocket disguised as a car

The planner and record-man Richard Noble presented the first model in scale 1:1 of Bloodhound SSC rocket disguised as a car, designed to overcome the wall of 1,600 km/h and thus gain the land speed record currently held by the Thrust SSC ( 1,228 km/h). The English vehicle measure 12.8 meters in length and weighs 6,422 kgs with full fuel, has a frame made of aluminum, carbon and Kevlar and has two engines. A 800-bhp V12 pushes the Bloodhound SSC until it enters the pressure EJ200 turbofan (used on the Eurofighter), which in turn animates the rocket engine. The total power is calculated 135,000 horses. Arouses interest the braking system, entrusted to parachute to mobile spoiler and progressive action.

Andy Green was the “elected” driver, will lead the Bloodhound SSC from next year, when the first attempt to reach 1,280 km/h and then set a record during 2012. One final curiosity: the acceleration from 0 to over 1,600 km/h is covered in just 40 seconds.

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  1. Jet car reaching at 1228 km/h is a great achievement. If I were the driver I wouldn’t have been able to see anything. Congratulations anyway

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