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The new Audi A1 – sporty character and individuality

Audi introduces a new dimension this fall in the compact class. It is a dynamic model and its high quality concentrates all the virtues of the brand in less than 4 feet – full of character design, uncompromising quality and innovative effective technologies . The dynamic chassis and powerful engines make from the new Audi A1 one of the best model from the compact class.

The young clients of the model A1 live mainly in large cities and, therefore, want a car specifically developed for urban areas. Due to its compact dimensions, the new Audi A1 is very dynamic and nimble in the urban traffic and extremely suitable for daily use.

Inside the new Audi A1 we also find the sporty feel of high quality. Customers can customize many details in the interior to adapt it to their tastes. The new Audi has a very comprehensive portfolio of advanced technologies: the on board infotainment system from its endowment sets new standards in the segment. The A1 is the first premium car from the compact cars segment and, in our opinion, this Audi is one word: perfect.

The Audi brand embodies the passion for cars. With a dynamic chassis and powerful engines, the A1 is the sportiest car in its class, and this is seen immediately. Its design is unique and modern. The elements of style that represent the A1 in the Audi family include the side line with a distinctive arch ceiling, pillars C similar to those used for a coupe model, large parts of the wheel and, of course, the front with single-frame grille, brand-specific. The rear lights are modeled three-dimensional and have a distinctive design, both day or night.

Audi has prepared for its customers a new range of engines, consisting of 4-powered 4-cylinder, two engines and two TDI TFSI petrol, which develops an output between 86 and 122 hp.
All engines comply with the principle of reducing the size and are equipped with turbochargers and a direct fuel injection system. All versions of the Audi A1 model impresses with the low fuel consumption, the standard cycle with values ranging between 3.8 and 5.4 liters per 100 kilometers! The 1.6 TDI, which develops an output of 90 hp and is equipped with manual transmission, issued only 99 grams of CO2 per km. All engines are equipped with a braking energy recovery and coupled to an automatic start-stop.  We also have a new management for the system temperature using a water pump connected, contributing to less fuel consumption of the 1.2 TFSI engine.

The Audi A1 gearbox is equipped with the S tronic 7-speed. dual-clutch transmission to change gears very quickly, comfortably and with no detectable interruptions of the engine power. It also offers the option to change gear in manual mode with the buttons available behind the steering wheel, but this is a extra feature. Transmission provides exceptional pleasure of driving, while reducing fuel consumption even further, specific to the Audi brand.

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